Frequently asked questions


Yes, Just choose PayPal at checkout then checkout as a guest.
Yes, all of our services come with a level of support, this varies for each of our products.
We offer a 72 hour refund window for all services, Addons are unfortunately not refundable.
Yes, All of our services are online all the time.


No, all of our Minecraft services do not require port forwarding.
Yes, you can upload your own Jarfile to run. If you're unsure checkout our knowledgebase article on uploading your own jarfile.
We use a heavily modified version of Multicraft. You may view a demo here
Yes, All servers include a minimum of 160Gbps DDoS Protection.
Yes, we always take backups in the event of a drive failure. If you have not purchased backups there is a $7.50 fee to restore the files.
Unfortunately due to the high paypal fees on small payments, We only accept Quarterly payments for Budget 1-3GB Services.
Due to Premium and Budget running totally different hardware, Your server needs to be totally moved onto a new node, As so it has to be re-created.
Yes! You may either use our installation service or install the modpack yourself.


Our webservers are managed using cPanel.
Certainly, Just create A records via CloudFlare pointing to our webserver.


You may connect with SSH to your server or ask us to install a panel for you to use your server.
Unfortunately this is not possible due to the servers being physical hardware.
Yes! We also include free panel installations for Multicraft.

Game Hosting

We use a heavily modified version of Multicraft, Checkout our demo @
Yes! We're always looking to add new games and are working on adding more to our category.
All of our games run on Budget hardware, you may view that @
Yes! We support both Oxide for Rust and have a built in Mod installer for ARK.