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You shouldn't have to pay extra for basic features

That's why PebbleHost offers an industry-leading gamepanel with everything you need to manage your server.

NA & EU Locations

Enterprise Hardware

Java 8, 11, 16 & 17 Support

Custom Game Control Panel

Scheduled Tasks

Unmetered Storage

72 Hour Money Back Policy

Free MySQL Database

24/7 Discord Support

Free Subdomain creator

Built in Firewall manager

Full FTP Access

Support for Subusers

Unlimited Slots

Resource Analytics


Great for users on a tight budget - starting at $1/GB, the Budget hosting plans are great for running a private/community server
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  • Intel Xeon E5-1630v3 @ 3.7Ghz / Intel i7-7700k @ 4.5GHz
  • DDR4 2133MHz ECC Memory
  • Unmetered Enterprise Grade SSDs
  • 160Gbps DDoS Protection
  • Unlimited Slots
  • North America & Europe
Perfect for large servers, modpacks, and public servers, who need the power of the Ryzen 5800X CPU for best-in-class performance.
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  • Ryzen 7 5800X @ 4.7GHz
  • DDR4 2666MHz Memory
  • Unmetered Enterprise Grade NVMe SSDs
  • 480Gbps DDoS Protection
  • Unlimited Slots
  • North America, Europe & Australia
  • Free Automatic Backups
  • One-click Modpack Installer
  • Support for Custom Startup flags
Dedicated Threads
Unrivalled performance dedicated just to your server, for a no-compromises hosting experience.
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  • Ryzen 7 5800X @ 4.7GHz
  • DDR4 2666MHz Memory
  • Unmetered Enterprise Grade NVMe SSDs
  • 480Gbps DDoS Protection
  • Unlimited Slots
  • North America, Europe & Australia
  • Free Automatic Backups
  • One-click Modpack Installer
  • Support for Custom Startup flags
  • Dedicated CPU Threads


  • Dedicated CPU threads
  • Priority Discord support
  • Control over your environment


Dedicated CPU Power

Unrivalled CPU performance with dedicated Ryzen 5800X threads for your server, with no limits, throttles or other bottlenecks on how much you can use unlike other hosts.

Priority Support

Access to an exclusive priority support queue in Discord to receive faster support from our team, 24/7 and free Advanced Minecraft Support allowing our team to assist you no matter the issue.

Complete control

Complete control over your server's environment with custom startup flags while still enjoying the luxuries of our powerful control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect a domain

If you own your own domain from a Domain Registrar such as Namecheap or Google Domains, you can set it up by following our guide on setting up DNS records.

All servers have the ability to make a free subdomain ending in .my.pebble.host through their gamepanel.

What's the difference between Budget and Premium

Our Premium hosting uses the faster Ryzen 5800X @ 4.7Ghz CPU, which means it's able to handle higher playercounts and more intensive servers than on Budget. The 5x faster NVMe SSDs improve chunk loading speeds, and the extra features such as free automatic backups and automatic one-click modpack installations allow peace of mind and save time setting up your server.

Do I have to port forward?

No, none of our services require port forwarding. The Minecraft server is hosted on our own computers in a datacenter so we handle all of the networking aspects for you. If you require an extra port to use for plugins such as Votifier or Dynmap this can be added in one click inside of our gamepanel.

How long does setup take?

Our billing system instantly provisions orders as soon as the payment receives. This means that, as long as you use a payment method which works instantly such as PayPal Balance or Credit/Debit Card, you should receive the service within a few minutes.

It's possible the order details might go to your Spam folder so make sure to check that!

What does 'Unmetered Disk Space' mean?

This means that you can use as much space as you need for your server as long as you follow our Fair Usage Policy which essentially states that any files on the server must be essential to the server's operation.

Can I use a custom modpack/Forge/Fabric/Spigot version?

All PebbleHost services come with full access to all server files. This means you can upload any custom modpacks or JAR files you wish to use, through our gamepanel.

To use a custom JAR file, just select any version at purchase then inside of your gamepanel you will be able to choose the "Custom JAR" option.

Can I use a MySQL Database for my plugins?

Yes, all plans include a free MySQL Database which can be used with plugins such as LuckPerms, Dynmap, CoreProtect, Litebans etc. Additional databases are charged at $1/database/month and can be enabled in your gamepanel under the "MySQL Database" page.

Where is my server located?

We operate in a number of datacenters around the world for the best possible ping. Note that locations marked Premium are only available on Premium plans.

  • North America - Montreal, Canada
  • Europe - Gravelines/Roubaix, France
  • United Kingdom - Coventry, United Kingdom
  • Australia Premium - Sydney, Australia
  • United States Premium - Hillsboro, Oregon, United States


PebbleHost offers you full control over your server files meaning you can install any modpack, JAR file, or version you would like. We also have one-click installers for 80+ modpacks built into our panel.

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