Minecraft FAQ

Is Minecraft server hosting worth it?

Our Minecraft server hosting platform is specifically built to give your community the power to enjoy the game without needing any technical experience of running a Minecraft server. We provide the tools needed for players to make their own Minecraft multiplayer experiences, allowing you to enjoy a Minecraft server that is cheap and reliable.

Why do people use Minecraft servers?

Running a Minecraft server allows players to come together from around the world, and craft new shared experiences in the worlds they create. You can connect with players on PC, iOS, Android, or Bedrock Edition, whilst being sure your world and progress is safe and protected by us and our reliable industry leading backup solution.

What is hosting a Minecraft server?

Minecraft server hosting gives players the ability to connect with each other, and run their worlds creatively based on their own imagination. It also means you have full control over your own experience - it's possible to add any plugins, switch game modes, or use mods to add new blocks or monsters. This allows users to have a Minecraft hosting pro experience.

Why host your Minecraft server remotely?

Hosting your Minecraft server remotely allows you to focus on the game, rather than worrying about the technical side of running the server. When hosting a server remotely, you no longer have to take into consideration building the technical infrastructure needed to host a server, such as power/hardware requirements, network layout/security, etc.

Benefits of hosting a Minecraft server?

The main benefit of hosting a Minecraft server is that it allows you to jump right into building your world just the way you want it, This means you won’t need to know how to build up the technical infrastructure required to allow players from around the world to connect. We like to give players the chance to host their own Minecraft server at an affordable price tailored to their needs.

What is the best Minecraft server for my budget?

The best Minecraft server for your budget heavily depends on just how expansive you want your server to be, and the type of server you want to run. There is no "one size fits all" plan, but for 1GB of RAM this would start at $3/quarter, ranging all the way up to a dedicated server for larger networks. Part of our job is to provide you with the best recommendation that will allow you to get up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible, so if you're unsure feel free to open a Livechat in the bottom right hand corner of our site to speak to the team.

How much RAM do you need for a Minecraft server?

The amount of RAM that you need for a Minecraft server will vary depending on if you're just wanting to run a server for a few friends, to running multiple servers that’s expected to hold hundreds of players across them. For just getting started however, 5GBs of RAM is a fantastic amount to start with to host your own Minecraft server.