Discord FAQ

How do I host a Discord Bot on my computer?

There are numerous different ways to host a Discord Bot, usually this would involve using a command line alongside the tools for the language the bot was made in (Node.JS / Python / Java).

What is Discord Bot Hosting?

Discord Bot Hosting allows using code to interact with people over Discord. Bots can be coded to respond to commands, ban users, or many other tasks. Self-hosted discord enables you to have the control on who can enter who can’t any many other aspects.

What does a Discord server bot do?

A Discord server bot can accomplish numerous types of tasks - some Discord bots are designed to automate tasks, some are designed to provide minigames within Discord, others might be designed as Discord server moderation tools, and much more.

What are Discord bots good for?

Discord bots can help you keep a Discord server maintained, or it may help you automatically perform various types of actions or tasks on your behalf, and sometimes they are simply there to provide some extra entertainment on your Discord server.

Why do I need to host my Discord bot?

Hosting your Discord bot allows you to not worry about needing to run your personal computer 24/7, or installing and maintaining the types of software needed to run a Discord bot. Using a Discord bot host also offers faster bandwidth for a smoother experience for larger bots.