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Breakout is a challenge pack that focuses on introducing vanilla players to modded in a light-hearted and fun way.

Modpack Features

Breakout has a diverse set of features for you to dig into, here are a few of our favourites:

  • Story Timeline - With the modpack starting you in a padded cell you must escape from, let the story-like nature of this pack immerse you!
  • Great Questing - If you feel lost, there's a questbook to guide you in the correct direction.
  • Optimized Modset - With wanting to keep the experience smooth, this pack runs well on any machine and loads quickly.
  • Easy Automation - This pack lets you get automation set-up early and rewards the player for doing so.

How to install the modpack

To install Breakout onto your computer, you'll just need to use the Twitch Launcher! You can follow the steps below to install this:

  1. Install the Twitch launcher, and log in with your Twitch account
  2. Head to the Mods then Minecraft section then click Browse and enter Breakout
  3. Click "Breakout" then hit install in the top right!

How to run a "Breakout" server to play with your friends

You can install Breakout in one click to your Pebblehost server! Just choose it on the checkout, under the "what would you like pre-installed" option.

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