Tekkit Legends

Tekkit Legends

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Tekkit Legends is a new kind of throwback modpack, implementing a lot of newer tech into a classic pack. With this pack, experience both the best of new and old, nostalgia and adventure in one.

Modpack Features

Tekkit Legends is a throwback with a lot of modern features, here are some of our favourites:

  • Classic - Veteran modpack players will appreciate the classic vanilla style of this pack!
  • Tech Focused - If you enjoy tech mods, this pack is definitely for you, it has one of the best combinations around.
  • Well Balanced - Nothing is too crazily overpowered, the pack is a lot tamer when it comes to enhancing vanilla gameplay.
  • No Rules - There's no set path you must take in this pack, no rules, guidelines or quests, it's a focused sandbox experience.

How to install the modpack

To install Tekkit Legends onto your computer, you'll just need to use the Twitch Launcher! You can follow the steps below to install this:

  1. Install the Technic launcher, and log in with your Minecraft account
  2. Head to the modpacks section then click on the search bar and enter Tekkit Legends
  3. Click "Tekkit Legends" then hit install in the bottom right!

How to run a "Tekkit Legends" server to play with your friends

You can install Tekkit Legends in one click to your Pebblehost server! Just choose it on the checkout, under the "what would you like pre-installed" option.

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