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Initially released on August 16, 2011, the Bedrock edition refers to the multi-platform family of editions. It serves a variety of consoles that can play together on one server, with cross-platform support. This means one server can let you play with all your friends!

Bedrock Features

Running Bedrock has several advantages over the java versions, here is a few of our favorites:

  • Cross Platform - Players across PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and mobile (pocket edition) can all play together.
  • Simple - No need for compatibility plugins or mods, just starting the server will suit most cases.
  • Increased Performance - Redesigned and optimized, Bedrock runs more efficiently than the Java Edition.

How to install Bedrock Edition

To install Bedrock onto your console, you'll need to get the game for your specific console, You can follow the steps below to complete this:

  1. Head to the bedrock homepage
  2. Select your desired console.
  3. It will redirect you to your console's store page for minecraft, if you already bought the game you can install it on your console. Otherwise, you just need to buy it and then install!

How to run a "Bedrock" server to play with your friends

You can install Bedrock in one click to your Pebblehost server! Just choose it on the checkout, under the "Choose a Server Version" option.

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