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The Forge Mod loader is a special type of Minecraft server software, it will load mods into the server so modpacks can run on a dedicated server. Initially released on July 30, 2011, the Forge Mod Loader is a easy way of installing mods into the game without manually injecting the mods. Server owners can create their own modpack (or use a existing one), install it on the server, and have people join with all their mods loaded.

Forge Features

Running Forge has several advantages over traditional vanilla-based jars such as spigot or paper, here is a few of our favorites:

  • Full Control - Mods can fully control the game, adding new blocks, and whatever other features the author wants to implement.
  • Endless Content - With thousands of mods available for free, server owners can create their own style of playing, with endless content to add to the server.
  • PreBuilt Modpacks - If you do not fancy creating a modpack from scratch, there are hundreds of pre-made modpacks, ranging from hardcore difficulty to a more open-ended pack that players can create ultra high-tech bases in.

How to install Forge

To install Forge onto your computer, you'll just need to use the forge installer, You can follow the steps below to install this:

  1. Download the Forge installer for your desired version here, and then run the installer, choose install client
  2. After installing, open up your Minecraft Launcher and select the forge profile.
  3. Add your desired mods to your forge installation and click play!
  4. Note: Some modpacks are distributed on 3rd party launchers such as the Technic Launcher, or the Twitch launcher.

How to run a "Forge" server to play with your friends

You can install Forge in one click to your Pebblehost server! Just choose it on the checkout, under the "what would you like pre-installed" option.

Additionally, we have several Preinstalls that you can run to install popular modpacks.

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