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Based on an older Nukkit repo, NukkitX is a modern, up-to-date fork. Much like Spigot/CraftBukkit, NukkitX allows for plugins to be developed and installed on the server, so MCPE servers can use plugins too!

Nukkit Features

Running Nukkit has several key features, here is a few of our favorites:

  • Faster - Written in Java, Nukkit is faster and more stable.
  • Simple - Easier to install and run versus the Vanilla bedrock, you can start the server just by starting the JAR!
  • Plugins - Server owners can install Nukkit plugins, which can alter server-side mechanics.

How to Play on Nukkit servers

As Nukkit is for MCPE, you just need to install Minecraft: Pocket Edition. You'll need to get the game for your specific mobile device, You can follow the steps below to complete this:

  1. Head to the bedrock homepage
  2. Select your desired mobile device.
  3. It will redirect you to your device's store page for minecraft, if you already bought the game you can install it on your console. Otherwise, you just need to buy it and then install!

How to run a "Nukkit" server to play with your friends

You can install Nukkit in one click to your Pebblehost server! Just choose it on the checkout, under the "Choose a Server Version" option.

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