PebbleHost Branding

We're happy for you to use our branding and art on your website, on your server, or anywhere else relevant, however we do have a few requirements to avoid any confusion!

If you do choose to use our logos/art, we ask that you make it clear that your server/organization isn't officially endorsed or sponsored by Pebblehost, unless our team has given permission for you to say that!

The Pebblehost "P"

Great for use on a map in your server!

PebbleHost Logo

This logo is great to show appreciation for our services on your server's website.


We use "Pebble Green" across all of our services to represent our brand!

Pebble Green:

  • #51ae59
  • rgb(81, 174, 89)
  • hsl(125, 36%, 50%)

PebbleHost Banners

These work great for plugin/mod pages or as an alternative to just the PebbleHost logo.